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Originally Posted by MidnightSun View Post
Could Iyanden been done as a Special Character unlock of Wraith units as Troops? Well, fuck me, yes it could. I hope they don't release supplements for other stuff because I don't want GW to charge people shitloads for playing an army they like. I'm on the side of the Eldar players here, I sure as fuck don't want you to pay $40 or whatever it costs to use your yellow Wraithguard, because y'know, I like fighting varied armies. If everyone who wants to run a Wraith army has to pay $40 for the privelige, less Iyanden armies will be seen, which will suck for the game and suck the variety out of it. We'll just see more of the same Heldrakes and Necrons.

but i dont want you on my side, i want my supplement with my red and black eldar thank you very much! and im happy to pay my £30 for it too, im also happy to hand over £30 for this one too, it has nothing to do with running what ever army, its about wanting to own stuff relating to my army,so it might only have minor alterations to the core dex, but i want the other 100 pages of fluff,photos,and anything else they have chucked in there because its important to ME the very same points you are arguing could be used to slip the dark angels back into the space marine codex. Adding supplements doent reduce variety any more than having different non chapter codex does, if anything it adds variety,it gives people a stronger relationship to a craftworld because it adds depth to that craftworld beyond "these are all yellow dead dudes or those red dudes like bikes". You know whats nice too,GW chose Eldar to start this, not marines, not chaos, not imperial guard, Eldar despite being one of the original starter armies gets very little attention paid to it and in my opinion is very under used,so forgive me if im feeling a little starved when it comes to stuff coming out for my chosen army.

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