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Originally Posted by bitsandkits View Post
well if it doesnt impact you because you have a stand alone codex why would you hope they dont release suppliments for other stuff such as you have mentioned? thats a bit selfish of you, you may as well have come on here and said "fuck you pointy eared bastards lovers, i have my new standalone codex and its many different chapter specific plastic kits,you lot can kiss my entire bone coloured ass"
Could Iyanden been done as a Special Character unlock of Wraith units as Troops? Well, fuck me, yes it could. I hope they don't release supplements for other stuff because I don't want GW to charge people shitloads for playing an army they like. I'm on the side of the Eldar players here, I sure as fuck don't want you to pay $40 or whatever it costs to use your yellow Wraithguard, because y'know, I like fighting varied armies. If everyone who wants to run a Wraith army has to pay $40 for the privelige, less Iyanden armies will be seen, which will suck for the game and suck the variety out of it. We'll just see more of the same Heldrakes and Necrons.


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