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Default Ogres and the protection thereof

What's the best way to protect an Ogre army? I've been casting the higher value Trollguts and Toothcracker, but they tend to get Dispel Scrolled in short order. My main problems are Str4 attacks - my main opponent is a great fan of a unit of 30 Big Uns with BSB and Shaman armed with Choppas and Shields, and they amount of Str4 attacks they hit with makes it very difficult for me to engage them effectively (they either kill all of my Ogres with a couple of casualties and move onto the next unit, or get ground down after being charged by about 20 Ogres and Ironguts). However, occasionally I fight Skaven, who bring a unit of 6 Rat Ogres with Master Moulder, Master-Bred and 2 of the Beastmaster people. The Master-Bred can usually take down 4 or 5 wounds on his own before I can strike, and the others just finish the job with I believe 4 Str5 attacks each. The problem is that either 6+ or no armour followed by a parry simply isn't enough to save the small model count Ogre units, and they don't have the Leadership or static bonus to keep fighting.

I have a Slaughtermaster/Butcher, 12 Ogres with optional Commands, 6 Ironguts (who are the least survivable models in the army, annoyingly - I've had them kill about 10 models in 6 games), 4 Leadbelchers, a Gorger and an Ironblaster, and a lot of money. Best way to go from here in general? And best way to increase my defences?


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