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name= Fundae Ignescunt



physical appearance=Fundae’s head is clean shaven purposefully to show off the markings that cover it. His nose is crooked and dented from being attacked by his battle brother.His eyes are a dark deep black like his battle brothers and his teeth are jagged and cracked. across his dome like head are tattoos telling of his life from him being found amidst the blaze to his first battle to his promotion to first claw. He is slightly more built then his brothers due to the years of carrying his heavy weapon but is still a stick compared to those of the world eaters and death guard.

armor appearance=A Juggernought as he marches across the fields of battle in his Mark III armor.His Armor displays the Dark abyss blue of the night lords with pleasure however like most of his legion it is covered in alterations.His greaves are embossed with a raging inferno. His Gauntlets are etched with every fallen comrade he has fought beside. The Entire right arm of his armor including the right pauldren are decorated with the bones of many Xenos he has faced and beneath the additions no original armor is viewable. His Helmet is almost unrecognizable as the iron armor that it originated from as heavy modifications by the armouries have left it mimicking the Horned helmets of old earth.

personality=Off the field of battle Fundae is quiet cheery and enjoys a good laugh but his constant grin can be unerving on occasion. However on the field of battle it would take a terminator to pull him back as when he strides forth it is almost like a demon has posessed him (not literally).He will say yes to almost anything if it involvs killing or firing his heavy flamer and to his comrades he gives much needed fire support.

marine class=Legiones Astartes Veteran

background=Fundae remembers not his childhood except when a fully grown man found him amidst the burning wreckage of a machine warehouse. After this the man took him to a local settlement were he revealed himself to be a member of the Emperor’s army, Fundae was signed up to the Legiones Astartes Project to get him off the street. Throughout all his training he caught onto the use of flame weaponry due to his one remaining memory. Upon the finding of their Primarch Fundae had already been elevated to a fire support squad were the searing heat of their combined fire filled him with a strange pleasure that didn’t take long to get him addicted.

Xandrek witnessed the fury of Ignescunt first hand when an ork warlord attempted to end the captain but found his power claw melting which ended in the greenskin being put through unthinkable pain before being finished of by Xandrek and as a reward Fundae was elevated to his first claw.

Countless foes were incinerated by his heavy flamer and he gained reputation amongst his company for being a pyromaniac. The destrction of Nostramo took an unusual effect on Fundae, the view from the bridge of the firepower hitting the surface reminded him of battle and the grin that played across his face meant that one of the other legionares leapt at him and attempted to end him (if you want this to be you just say) but the others managed to pull him off.When Their Primarch announced Horus’s plan he had already lost himself to the thrill and leapt at the opportunity.

ranged=heavy flamer
close combat=chain axe

1.melta bombs
2.frag and krak grenades

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