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Name: Var

Age: Said to be nearly 150 years old.

Homeworld: Nostramo

Physical Appearance: More machine than man, Var is almost unrecognizable as even human. All that remains of his face is paper-white scarred flesh stretched across one cheek, surrounding a midnight black eye. The rest of his face is metal. His jaw is a twisted imitation of human. The metal teeth are too long, and too sharp, the lower jaw too square. His left eye is a shining light, a crimson flash, that is held by metal. His neck is a mass of twisted cable running down into his armor.

Armour Appearance: None have seen Var out of his armor but many say that there is nothing beneath, that the armor is Var and Var is his armor. The armor itself is frightening to behold. His armor is bulky, a mix of different armors welded together by his hand, he stands at eight feet tall within it, and it is heavily decorated. The expected Servo-Harness, five arms sprouting from his back, still bears the spattered blood of the men and aliens it has taken life from. One of the harnesses arms is a long, jet black, spike, almost two feet long, that Var refers to only as Ďhis tailí. The armor itself, a crimson red, bar the Chapter symbol emblazoned upon his right shoulder, has deep gouges torn from it where enemies have struck it. The lightning pattern that is common among all the Night Lords is evident as well upon Varís armor, running from his legs and circling his torso. Var never wears a helmet, as his metal face only adds to the terror he brings in combat.

Personality: Var is ruthless and cold-blooded. He is a brutal killer and his personality reflects that. He is icy cold to everyone, even those he has fought beside for hundreds of years. He makes no bonds with his brothers, in case he may one day have to severe them. Anyone who does try and befriend him is shunned and they soon abandon the hopeless task. That is not to say that Var is silent, in fact he is far from it.

But when he speaks he expects no argument and anyone who does raise a voice against him is met with the same brutality and cold-bloodiness that he displays in combat. Yet beneath this icy exterior is a cunning and treacherous man who will not hesitate to kill the man beside him if it gains him anything.

Marine Class: Legion Tech-Marine

Background: Varius Montangro was born into the pits of Nostramo. He was a nameless figure upon the records of the planet. He drifted through a bleak and grey life with no ambition and no future. Perhaps that is why it was him that was chosen.

Taken from the street by a group of armed thugs we was heavily sedated and bundled into the waiting vehicle. All he remember of those following days is pain, the likes of which he has not felt before or since. When he did wake for a few moments, swimming up from the pain, he saw cloudy figures moving around him, vicious blades cutting at his flesh and machinery whirring in his mind.

He still does not know how long he was there. But when he did wake he was no longer Varius Montangro. He was a changed man in every sense of the word. His body had been torn apart and hastily thrown back together again. His limbs and large parts of his torso was now cold steel where there had once been flesh. His face had been twisted, his jaw now a metal maw. His left eye was blind to him. He didnít know where he was. He didnít know who he was. He didn't know what he was. All he knew was that he was angry and the pain he felt was because of the men moving around him.

With an almighty roar Var tore free from his restraints and laid about him with nothing but his bare hands. But those hands were metal and every blow knocked down another figure. Running blindly forwards Var burst from the facility and out onto the street. He kept running throughout the night till he finally collapsed from exhaustion upon the steps of Schola Progennium Academy.

He was taken from the steps and delivered to the Night Lords Chapter for judgment. Deciding that the metal freak before them might be an interest to Mars they sent him to the Red Planet and all but forgot about him.

Twenty years later and the now recognizable figure of Var returned to Nostramo as a Tech-Marine, seeking to join the chapter that had sent him away.

He was taken into the chapter with great suspicion and distrust. But his ability to mend and repair the mechanized arm of the chapter was reason enough to accept the scarred man. And those few that still suspected the Tech-Marine had unfortunate accidents involving heavy machinery, their bolters jamming in battle or their tanks detonating.

While many believed that Vars was responsible for these deaths it was never proven and so the mysterious Tech-Marine continued to climb the ranks. His prowess with the Machine Spirits was matched only by his skill in battle, where his Servo-Harness rained down blows upon his foes even as his axe cleaved head from shoulder.

It was his ability in combat more than his ability to operate the Chapterís rare and unique relics that interested Xandrek to the mysterious Tech-Marine. But in thinking that he was watching Varís he was wrong. For Varís had been watching the Night Lord almost since his arrival. There are many things that can go wrong with a poorly treated suit of Power Armour so it came as no surprise to Vars when Xandrek dispatched the previous Captain of the Fourth Company and took his place.

Quickly stepping forward and displaying himself as a good choice Varís was not surprised when he was selected to become a part of his First Claw. He quickly proved he was not a poor option when he used his skills and position to obtain some of the finest equipment with which to equip the other members of the Command Squad.

Now Varís sits in a position that, if he so required, he could use to his advantage. And he plans to. But for now he will fight beneath Xandrek.

Weapons: Var wields an iconic Omnissian Power Axe into combat. Itís shaft is four foot long and the Cog Mechanicum icon upon itís tip shimmers with energy as it swings through the air. Used as a tool and a weapon it can bite itís way through a tanks hull or enemies armor with equal ease. His other tools of trade, the Fyceline Torch and Plasma Cutter can also be used as deadly weapons if any enemy is unfortunate to come within range. One of his Servo-Arms also carries a Tigrus Pattern Boltgun that barks out death in perfect accordance to Varís will.

Equipment: Varís Servo-Harness is almost unique among the Mechanicus, and certainly the only one within the Night-Lordís. While many Tech Marines share extremely close bonds with their Servo-Harnesses, Vars is at one with his. They function as one unit and work perfectly in harmony. Vars also carries a string of Frag and Krak Grenades which he hurls before him, detonating them seconds before he reaches the enemy.

The Silent Lions Chapter

Winter Falls


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