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High_Seraph - Raskreia Loyard - Approved.

Three spaces remain open for the roleplay to fill out the roster.

Tech-Marine specialist position is still open meaning the remaining two will be left as Company Veterans so Komanko and SoA you better get your character sheets up soon as at latest i would like to get the action thread started by tomorrow evening. (8pm GMT+0).

Character Titles: The reason a couple of you are getting titles is because as you may remember the Night Lords legion are rather theatrical when it comes to giving people titles usually to do with how they are and what they have done such as:

Talos - Prohphet due to his ability to see the future.
Malacharion - The War-Sage, for his writings on how to execute battles and wars.
Sevatar - Prince of Crows, reason unknown at the moment.
Xandrek - The Lord of Lies, can be found out when talking to him in the roleplay.

Veptus's title: Corpse-Master mainly links in with the fact that he is an apocathery and has more dealings with dead things than he does with living battle brothers.

Corvis's Title: Corvis's title is more of a nickname in which he is addressed by Xandrek and Azrael though others older than him are free to use ' Young Blood ' when adressing him instead of 'Crovis'.

Others may get titles before the action thread first goes up as i re-read each of your character sheets and see if any fit your personalities and historys, if not however then throughout the roleplay obviously you will have chances to earn nicknames / titles as it goes on.
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