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Originally Posted by DeathKlokk
Keep in mind you are arguing "realism" about an army of genetically-altered supermen that are able to shrug off rocket propelled explosive bullets because someone is waving around a cup full of blood that reminds them of their long lost Super Daddy that was killed by there Extra Special-Super Uncle.
Originally Posted by Galahad
It's been said that Jezlad founded Heresy after he'd been banned from everyplace else. We're the Mos Eisley spaceport. We just pick the best scum and villians to help run the wretched hive.
Originally Posted by scscofield
Since Jez has off and on called all of us cunts and what not I doubt he has a issue with his mods.
had to include these 2 because they give a great nod to our Mods.

Also, the Quotes will be back... I'll work something out today.
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