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Name: Raskreia Loyard

Age: 100

Homeworld: Nostramo

Appearance: Raskreia stands at seven feet exactly. The skin of his face a tightly stretched canvas exposing his muscles with every movement continuing even to his body as everything is barely hidden by the thin covering of ghost white flesh that serves as his skin. Low sunken cheekbones and a short pug nose define an upper face dominated by his black eyes while paper thin lips cover a predators mouth always at the ready for a snarl or growl. His midnight black hair covers his head and stretches down between his shoulders pulled into a loose ponytail only a few inches before the end.

Armour Appearance: Raskreia has taken a liking to the thunderbolt designs and has incorporated many into his Mark V armour. Spending days to complete one thunderbolt that stretches from the left collarbone down the abdomen to cut across his right thigh before turning towards the back and arching over to his left shin with many different offshoots occurring at an almost random pattern. A few skulls of personal kills adds an air of competence and skill as each had been carefully preserved to show the flawless nature of their death etched upon the faces. Wearing a helmet adorned by more of the intricate lightning he prefers with it arcing between and away from the eyes and mingling with the lightning exploding from the grille that serves as its "mouth".

Personality: Raskreia is openly talkative, sometimes irritatingly so. He will talk about anything and everything he can until someone yells at him to shut up. Though this will usually lead him to talk to them even more provoking them until they strike. After this he will incite others to deal with the trouble maker and helping himself to the rewards or making his escape.

Marine Class: Legion Veteran - Standard Bearer

Background: Raskreia was born into a family of crime as most children were on Nostramo. Following the path his father laid out for him Raskreia learned how to make compromises and barter with other families at the same time how to get them to expose their anger while being the victim at his heels. Coming close to his twelfth birthday Raskreia went to a low key meeting as a back up negotiator with a rival family. Approaching the meeting Raskreia did a quick double check on his pistol as his father had always said to make sure just in case something went wrong and you had to fight your way out of it.

Opening the door he made his way over to the rest Raskreia felt something was off by the way everyone was sitting and not looking over at the noise the door made opening.
Immediately turning around and running for the door Raskreia was fired upon from the other side of the room surprisingly making it to it before being shot in his leg Raskreia fumbles with the door before limping out of it and into the corridor slamming the door shut he takes his pistol out and hobbles towards the exit. Firing blindly behind him as he hobbled Raskreia made it out into the street wild-eyed with fear and adrenaline. Stumbling around a corner he ejects the spent mag before dropping the pistol and stumbling away he sees an empty storehouse and breaks into it throwing whatever he could quickly find and lift to barricade the door he rips his shirt off and teas a piece off and binds his leg before looking around. Deciding to stay put for now and run to his family when it appears safe Raskreia keeps an ear out for anyone else trying to break in.
After several hours and on attempted entering of the store he was in Raskreia made his way back to his family and told them what had happened. Hearing his story Raskeia's father simply got up and slapped his son in the face and yelled at him to get out and never come back as he should have died instead of running like a coward. Running into the night Raskreia wandered aimlessly before happening upon a recruitment center for the Night Lords.

Joining the trials of becoming an Astartes Raskreia performed as expected but never specializing in any area. His time as a scout taught him the way the Night Lords operated as terror and pacification troops. Learning this Raskreia began to shift his habit of talking to make it more of a weapon against enemies to drive them into a corner mentally and take advantage of it. Progressing through the trials Raskreia was given his own suit of power armour and promoted to the Fourth Company Raskreia started to paint the lightning bolt on his armour as well. Fighting against the Orks saw Raskreia gain experience fighting enemies that could match the strength of the Marines and triumph while holding his ground when others of his squad retreated to get a better position to fire upon them. Following this and many similar incidents brought him to the attention of Captain Xandrek who offered him a choice. Prove himself in the coming years and join his First Claw as Standard Bearer or die and become fodder for maggots in the soil. Proving himself to the Captain, Raskreia continued to fight the enemies of the VIIIth Legion eventually culminating over Nostramo. Standing without his helmet on Raskreia watched impassively as his homeworld was consigned to die by their own guns. Taking a small pleasure in seeing the world burn Raskreia was appointed Standard Bearer and chose some of the newer Mark V armour completely abandoning his old one and redrawing the painstakingly intricate lightning on his armour and helmet.

Fourth Company Standard
Bolt Pistol
Power Axe

Frag and Krak Grenades
Special Ammunition,

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