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If the opponent general is in a bunker of grave guard you can take him out fairly easily still... but it'll likely cost you. it also depends on how many other characters the VC player has and how accessible they are: if he has nothing but the general then sacrifice any unit you get the chance to charge him with: losing a unit of 20 warriors throwing it into the GG and directing every possible attack at the vamp is a decent way to win the game. If there are other characters there to take over the army its still a bonus to kill the general but not worth a big loss unit wise.

Units such as knights, dragon ogres or blood slaughterers would probably be best at this role: you can get 2 of each into B2B with a character and that is normally enough to kill most things (especially with slaughtereres). Personally I'll use a variety of units to similar effect, one of my favourites is a nice chunky monster such as an ancient steg who bases up the unit a bit, throws a few attacks at a vamp and then thunderstomps on his head (yes you can direct stomp attacks now)... the monster isn't likely to come out the other side of the unit but all you need is it to survive to thunderstomp (or possibly into a second round).

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