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VC do not really have shooting so you have less to fear from getting small units onto the flank/rear of his battle-line.

I suggest fast characters that do not need melee to kill. Tzeentch sorcerer on disk springs to mind; if you can get Glean Magic a few turns takes away his power to resurrect. A Slaaneshi sorcerer on steed can do some fun things too; Pavane targets a specific model, and Phantasmagoria makes Ld checks harder. If you are out of charge arc your opponent can either deal with the unit magic-sniping using magic (which reduces resurrection of lost models elsewhere) or hope to weather it.

Alternatively, Wulfrik with a Marauder block can come from behind and force the General to fight a challenge; it might not work every time but it is not terrible, especially if you can get fast cavalry round the battle-line at the same time to add a flank charge.
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