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Name: Zhasal Pasirex

Age: 156 Standard Terran

Homeworld: Nostramo

Physical Appearance: Stood next to his fellow Astartes with a simple black robe on, it would be obviously clear that Zhasal was much leaner than most others. His form was slimmer and toned, not naturally 'ripped' as many other Astartes were. He stood at about the same height as the average Marine. Under his helmet, his head was bald, his face seeming emaciated and gaunt, although he was ugly by no means. He rarely ever gave an indication of a facial expression, beyond that of a very slight smirk that appeared on even rarer occasions. It is of worth to remark upon the criss cross of very faint scars across his entire head, clearly they were so deep that even his Astarte's biology could not render them completely healed.

Armour Appearance: Firstly, the armour Zhasal wears is somewhat customised to fit his own body shape, being somewhat slimmer than the typical Marine, it would make sense to adapt his Power Armour to benefit the wearer. It is a set of very simply decorated Armour. Coloured in the Night Lord's blue, his armour wasn't so much adorned with skulls or such, more preferring to keep the sleek look he so much preferred. The armour is painstakingly maintained by Zhasal to keep it to maximum efficiency, lubricating and repairing it with a fanatical devotion. The majority of the time, a likewise non-decorated jump pack crests his back.

Personality: Although not a maniacal killer, it is quite obvious from meeting the Night Lord, that he is a psychopath. He seems to relish in the bloodshed, although it never shows upon his blank features. He never so much shows joy at approaching battles, yet he is a killer all the same and would dive into a fight without so much as a brisk order. Out of combat, he isn't loud, yet he usually isn't silent. He knows only to speak when his input is needed, and for a psychopath, he seems to have a detailed idea of how conversations work, when not to talk and when to. So in short, while in combat, he could be classed as grim, cold and extremely logical, whereas out of battle, he knows his place and watches when his input is needed.

Marine Class: Legion Veteran

Background: Coming from one of the original waves of recruits from Nostramo, Zhasal lived under the rule of the Night Haunter. Recruited at age 15, he was relatively lucky to be inducted due to the risk of death emanating from his higher than usual age. Before going in for testing and recruitment, Zhasal had been relatively young when everything changed, yet he had already killed his first grown man at the age of 9. Sold to a slum gang as a somewhat hanger on, it was his 'job' to make sure all those whom died in gang wars, were actually dead. Having seen grown men clinging onto life while their guts mingled with the filth it detritus on the street had already hardened him immensely by the time he joined the Legion, and it is thought that it was his childhood which shaped him into such a jaded figure.

Although the Legion was never truly reliant on such concepts as 'brotherhood', they were organised into squads, but Zhasal had never worked with others, usually going on his duty of giving mercy alone. This influenced his training immensely, as it was rare that Zhasal would fight in coherency with the rest of his unit, much preferring to slip away into the shadows and deal with his query in his own, particularly horrific way. Each kill was systematic, as is butchering people was simply the way of life he had learned to live by. He did not kill people for kicks, but he was more like a machine, although he was far more creative about getting to the killing. During his many years as a Night Lord, it was somewhat usual for older Marines to rise to Sergeant rankings or above, but Zhasal had no care for ranks as others had. He had no drive to have more power than others, for what did a simple title do that a pair of lightning talons could not?

Never truly part of a squad, his superiors knew his nature and knew it was better to embrace his talents than force him to do something else of which he was less efficient at. As per usual, in about 90% of battles, Zhasal merely disappeared at the beginning, then reappeared when needed, or simply found his way back to his brothers at the battles end. His superiors would give him orders and he would not come back until the objective was complete. Nobody asked how he done such, but they were satisfied the task was done. He somewhat, inadvertently and unaccepting of such a reputation, had gained such of a lone wolf. His sergeants and captains would not try to change him, for they knew such a task would be rather time wasting and pointless. Although, it could be argued that his 'loner' type façade somewhat melted when he met Captain Xandrek. Something, just something very small, clicked within Zhasal when the Fourth Captain 'randomly discovered' him in a forward observation bunker, surrounded by half a dozen Eldar Banshee corpses, each bodies throat or vital points were sliced or punctured. All wounds were obviously fatal and had inflicted a near instant death.

The Captain gave a short explanation into why he was asking the Night Lord to be in his Command Squad, and it had been an 'honour' that Zhasal had refused times before, but something just seemed to push him into nodding his gore splattered helm. It is thought that Zhasal found somewhat a kindred spirit within Xandrek, mostly evidence by the fact that he follows his superior's orders exactly to the latter, regardless of if he disagrees or not.

Weapons: Pair of Lightning Talons.
Frag and Krak grenades.

Question: Would it be appropriate for him to use a jump pack?
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