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Here it is

Jallus is a 89 year old librarian of the Night Lords First Claw.

At first glance Jallus Drakken may seem like any other marine. But a few things stand him out from rest like his elegant midnight black eyes. He has silky, straight, iron-gray hair which is worn in a style that reminds you of a flowing cape. He has stubble around his pale vampire like skin, above that is a scar that runs through the middle of his eye, although he retains full vision as it is undamaged. Without his power armour he stands six foot and nine inches tall. He has a bulky yet muscularly build. His left hand has burn damage from a long healed wound.

History: Jallus was recruited on Nostramo with the arrival of the Emperor and the expansion of the Night Lords. He was always marked as different by his peers before he even became a Night lord. Perhaps they detected his latent warp powers. He was orphaned young and lived by his wits as a street urchin. Learning to steal food to survive, he became a tough and vicious brawler. At 16 he was picked up by Imperial troops after the Emperors landing as they tried to recruit new troops for the Great Crusade. After initial testing was earmarked for recruitment into the Night Lord Legion. During his time as an initiate it was picked up that he possessed psychic abilities. After his initiation he was sent to the Librarium for further training in the harsh world of the Librarians.

As with all librarians his training was tough, both physically and mentally. He was an exemplary student with his progress being marred by only a single incident. During a lesson of pyromancy training he lost control of the power he was using and suffered severe burns to his left hand. He chose not to have the scars fully healed and left them as a reminder of what can happen if control is lost. He has also had his armour scorched so he will never forget this lesson in battle. Even with this accident he still became a full librarian without any further issues.

After the Council of Nikaea, Jallus feigned compliance and never openly displayed his powers. He could not relinquish the powers he had gained and the Chief librarian, sympathetic to this need, turned a blind eye as long as he remained discreet.

After many successful campaigns Jallus skills as a leader were noted and he became an important advisor to any of the companies he accompanied in battle. This is wear he first came to the attention of the then Sergeant Xandrek. As his honours in hand to hand battle were won, so did Xandreks interest in Jallus grow,

Armour Appearance; Jallus like many psychics wear a psychic hood. He wears mostly mark II an shoulder pads from Mark III. Behind this Jallus wears a cloak with tiny skulls sown into the fabric. These represent death that always accompanies him. His power pack has two skulls in the shape of stabilising vents. Both shoulder pads have Night Lord wing emblems. The left gauntlet is scorched and reflects the scaring on his physical hand. His greaves, like the other marines are decorated with lightning.

Personality- Jallus is a smart and calculating tactician who can use his powers to his advantage to turn a forlorn situation into victory. His tactical skill is marred by his tendency to take big risks in battle. Decisions which sometimes cause the missions go awry.

Hand Flamer
Combi-Bolter Flamer
- Force Axe Librarian Only, Automatic Weapon)
- Psychic Hood (Librarian Only, Automatic Equipment)

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