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The reason they make those models is to go with the game rules.
Stuff like wizard towers, strange pools, woods and magical altars can all be haunted & have weird ongoing effects.
Whereas there's probably not much in-game mechanic for a town, stables or a hovel/shack.
Also, they need to have a relatively small footprint so that you can have games around them (which makes towers ideal for what GW wants from a kit).]

The big castle has been around for ages, so (if I recall correctly), it's the same model as it's always been (i.e. nowhere near comparable to what GW makes now).
It needs to be basic shapes so that you can convert the castle into whatever you want (Orc-ish, Shaven, Empire, Dwarfs, Chaos, etc).
But there's not much mileage for GW in making a really detailed Empire castle (like your example) & adding loads of extra details onto it, as not many people would buy it because it's more specific (e.g. scenario's & scenery) rather than something that a lot of people can use in most -or every- game.

I'm surprised that they haven't done any Elvish forts yet, though.

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