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So the prototypes for the medium walkways have arrived! A huge thanks to metalmonk for cutting these bad boys out!

Here you can see a stair set and the walkway:

A closeup of the walkway sectionL

And a (shaky) shot of the walkway detailing:

Things I've learned from this:

- I hadn't been taking the width of the laser into account, which has caused the holes to be larger than I intended. It's not a problem, as I was going to glue them anyway, but I'll need to adjust accordingly so that future kits can be built right out of the box.

- Same with the engraved sections, I will need to make them smaller. They look awesome as they are now, but they're a little too big.

- I made the supports too thick, I was concerned that if I made the beams on the main walkway support too small they would break, but I think they can stand to be half as thick as they are.

-This wood has a grain in it, which may lessen the effect when it comes to painting, we'll see. It's not a problem now as it's merely a prototype. But the final product will be a smooth wood.

Overall I'm very pleased with it. I've got 80cm total of walkway, which means I can have 2 40cm sections on the board, which should add a lot to the visuals.

It's also given me a lot of information on what I need to take into account when designing the pieces. I'm eager to get the shipping container cut as soon as I have a little spare cash too!

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