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Well its been like 4 months!!!!

Big daddy aint finished :S moved back home and my project now instead of orks at the moment is High elves!

First ever try of fantasy so ill try and keep pics going.

i got one the elf half and then some of high elves


to make sure I paint them I went into the army painting challenge and finished the Ellyrian reavers today!


Also I did a alternative painting of Drazhar which I am well chuffed with!


Im also planning to convert teh mage into a better pose and hopefully make it all flowy and big.

The SM and orks on a back burner for now just as my interest and attention is invested in the elves at the moment.

But since im done for summer, I have time a place to paint and a summer job so all is going well.

Next time ill have some better pics of the reavers, pics of the mage, and more stuff!!

Thanks for looking !

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