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5 June 2013 - (From Darog's Company):
- New Apocalypse rules - Khorne and Necrons focused (2 new types of Monolith rumoured)

A large Imperial Walker, (smaller than a warhound titan)
Possible Chaos Variant (might have been mistaken for the Lord of Battles)

Missing plastic models known to be created but possibly held back for the Apocalypse release:
-Eldar Bomber
-Eldar "large hover tank"
-IG Hydra
-IG Medusa / Colossus
-Tyranid Harpy

via Faeit 212

Only the Imperial Guard and Orks are not getting an a new Apocalypse vehicle, but they could be getting new apoc aircraft. It seems so that all armies will have 1 1 apoc vehicle and aircraft.

We should be seeing a FW apoc book same month as GW apoc release covering all vehicles and aircraft from previous apoc books
6 June 2013 - (From Faeit212):
via anonymous source (from the Faeit 212 inbox)
the Apocalypse release will be three books
-The Standard Book Edition will be 60,00
-There will also be a Collectors edition, but no price as of yet
-A Big Gamers Edition for 200,00 (Something very big in it)
9 June 2013 - (from Faeit212):
via BramGaunt over on Warseer
1st: There is a new rulebook, if anyone still questioned that. Complete overhaul. The scale of additional shenanigans will be the same as with a regular rulebook, as well as limited items. Probably a collectors- and a gamers edition aswell (allthough I am only guessing that!).

2nd: The kits we have seen so far cover all the miniatures there will be for now (Khorne "Skulldozer" and Necron "Monolith of Doom + 2D6"). However, there are three new pieces of terrain, which apperantly are of apocalyptic size. A different source told me of a 'commad citadel' behind which the Wraithknight could easily hide.

3rd: Releasedate is the 13th of July, with Preorders starting the 29th (with the new WD, as usual). This is GW's big release this year.
Via Warseer's The Dark General
It's a dual kit approx size of baneblade box, but taller model. Makes either the Deathdealer or Lord of Battles.

Also there's a bunch of new data sheets, inlcuding some for those of us that bought multiple NEW models

It's also NOT the only Chaos models coming out, along with a few other Khorne...speedy guys...

Approx price is $125

via Best_Pone
Let's see now...
You've already seen the Chaos and Necron superheavies.
You'll also get some fortifications - giant gun/missile emplacements and the like. These are also designed to hook up with the Wall of Martyrs terrain.
As well as the Apocalypse rulebook, there's also a collector's edition and a gamer's edition.

via Opatija
got some quick information about the upcoming release. Its "just" what the employees were told, which in some cases is not very reliable:

- Apocalyspe is mostly about formations with some minor benefits for the "units"
- There will be at least 2 waves for mini supply (Some of the missing miniatures will be released when their own 6th codex is)
- Each army is going to get a super heavy, beeing asked about such a huge release, they were told to keep the Allied Forces in mind, leaving Tyranids aside (speculated as an Imperial/SM Multipart kit) which will hit at around 125,- (Its quite possible that the Chaos thing and the Monolith are the only ones! And Baneblades/Shadowswords are accessable via Allied Forces!)
- A large/multi part piece of Terrain fitting to the "Martyrs"-Line (80,-/50,-/30,-)

All in all even the Employees are not very excited for the release so better don't expect to much when reading the rumours about those gigantic Release-Wave(s)

Gamers Edition - it's going to include templates and dice but one very curious thing was said: "...containing a Apocalypse Rulebook in your language"
It was specificaly mentioned. I would not have thought GW might release a English-Only Book....but then i was reminded of Dfts...

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