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Originally Posted by elmir View Post
For people with the codex... I have these questions 3!

a) A spiritseer makes wraithguard troops, right? Any other FoC changes you can do (there was an early rumour about autarchs making aspect warriors troops?) Is that so for allied detachments as well, or just for primary detachments?
In order: Yes, no, and "if your army contains a Spiritseer Wraithguard and Wraithblades are Toops instead of Elites".

Originally Posted by elmir View Post
b) Do any of the groundtroops in eldar actually get acces to skyfire? Or is your own flyer the only defence against aerial attack?
War Walkers, and the Dark Reaper Exarch. But the Flyer is the cheapest way to do it.

Originally Posted by elmir View Post
c) Have wraithguard got acces to wave serpents as dedicated transports?

Originally Posted by elmir View Post
*EDIT* I'm really curious about what the Iyanden supplement will be... Is it going to be a fluff book or an actual slight tweak of the main codex to show unique elements to that craftworld? If it's fluff and written by Matt Ward, no doubt that there will be a lot of moaning from Eldar players. If it's rules adjustments and tweaks, there might be more moaning from none-Eldar players. ;)
We've got a thread for to answer that very question! You can find it stickied at the top of News and Rumours or by clicking here.

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