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Originally Posted by troybuckle View Post
Fire Dragons get the melta effect at 9" due to their guns having an 18" range.

Is this new, as in, is the range of the Fusion Gun now 18" instead of 12"?
Yeah, that was my mistake based on some info I misread from the rumours. They're still 12". Thankfully I've got my codex now so I can be a lot more certain with what I'm saying.

Originally Posted by Winterous View Post
When I say I don't understand where to send it I mean I actually don't know if sending emails to support reaches the people who make decisions.
What's that email send to?
That's the email address for all questions regarding any GW games which (usually) then gets put into the FAQs or ends up with an Errata.

If you want GW to address something in the FAQs that's the email address to use.

Originally Posted by Winterous View Post
Fire Dragons do not have 18" range now, they're still 12".
Yup, my bad.

Originally Posted by Winterous View Post
And the reason that Wraithguard have pretty much taken that role is that the cost increase of Fire Dragons has massively swayed the balance between them; Fire Dragons used to be roughly half the cost of Wraithguard, but now they're about 2/3 the cost and still have to be closer to really screw vehicles up.
While I can agree Fire Dragons aren't the "go to" to solve every anti-vehicle problem ever anymore, I'd say that's actually a good thing. In the old codex if you wanted to pop a tank what was the normal solution? Fire Dragons who then die the next turn. Fire Dragons are still -awesome- tank hunters, but now you have a multitude of other options, and on top of that they're still a decent choice. Plus, unlike Wraithguard, you can fit 12 in a Wave Serpent.

Originally Posted by Winterous View Post
The extra toughness that Wraithguard offer as an alternative pretty solidly wins them the role, that and they can be Troops.
As troops though Wraithguard will be out numbered and unless you're trying to make the Eldar version of the Draigowing with them I'd still rely on other things to help support the Wraith units. Wraith units -are- good, there is no doubting that, but don't get blinded by their statline and forge that they cost a large amount of points and if shot at by things like Plasma Cannons (or anything that APs them in general, like Leman Russ Battle Cannons) they have to hope they have a cover save, can't go to ground and don't have an Invunerable Save unless you are running Wraithblades with Axe and Shield.

Originally Posted by kickboxerdog View Post
how are people planniong on fielding there wraithguard
Back during 5th I knew a player who ran 20 Wraithguard on foot. I imagine that this is still a fairly reasonable tactic, but with the ability to throw 6 in a Wave Serpent, and the number of different weapon options it really comes down to what you intend on doing with them and then gearing them up appropriately.
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