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Originally Posted by Zion View Post
If you don't want to try to correct the problem then why complain about it? At least emailing [email protected] would be an attempt at actually doing something.
When I say I don't understand where to send it I mean I actually don't know if sending emails to support reaches the people who make decisions.
What's that email send to?

Originally Posted by Zion View Post
Fire Dragons get the melta effect at 9" due to their guns having an 18" range.

Wraithcannons could screw up vehicles before. 3-4 to glance and 5-6 to pen. This change they have now makes them more reliable, and causes Instant Death against everything T5 and down, but they still have to get close to vehicles to do the damage. This was the thing that people said didn't make them good for anti-tank in the old book.
Fire Dragons do not have 18" range now, they're still 12".
And the reason that Wraithguard have pretty much taken that role is that the cost increase of Fire Dragons has massively swayed the balance between them; Fire Dragons used to be roughly half the cost of Wraithguard, but now they're about 2/3 the cost and still have to be closer to really screw vehicles up.

The extra toughness that Wraithguard offer as an alternative pretty solidly wins them the role, that and they can be Troops.
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