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Originally Posted by Lux View Post
It is not my fault in any way if your knowledge of the Halo Mythos is limited purely to the digital games, there is a plethora of licensed books on the series.
I don't deny that, I'm just not interested in reading them. If you want to sight some, then do so, if you want to criticize my literary choices, then eat a dick pavlova.

Originally Posted by DeathJester921 View Post
Where as spartans being too fast for a space marine to track is a bunch of shit, in the books, they can indeed run much faster than normal humans. They are capable of running about 55 km/h outside of their armor with Kelly being able to run a little faster. Inside their armor, their movement speed is increased. Kelly's increased to 62 km/h. In a training exercise (where his life was put on the line because of a jackass admiral wanting to truly test out their abilities and hopefully kill him in the process), John was able to briefly run at 105 km/h but tore his achilles tendon because it wasn't able to endure the stress.
Thanks DeathJester. That's not remotely ridiculous. It's also roughly equal to the speed of a Space Marine.

Originally Posted by Lux View Post
All takings from the book are canon as long as they do not discredit the showings in the games, that is how multiple levels of canon work when operating with one another.

So tell me, what exactly is it you are trying to convey but are apparently confounded by, due to a lack on abstract processing?
The games depict Master Chiefs movement speeds a particular way (as I outlined in my last post). You say (and do not support) that the novels depict them differently. However, as you state earlier (as quoted by darkreever) the games are a higher canon. As you state now the books are only canon when they do not discredit the game. Therefore the movement speeds show in the game are accurate and canon, while those depicted in the books are not. "Abstract processing" has nothing to do with it. Logic does, which I think is why you are having trouble with it. I am here to assist thee my fellow... entity.

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