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I really don't like the skullcannon, and this is why:

Compare it to the lion chariot as it was when the skullcannon was released (I don't know its current stats/points).
For 5 pts less you got:
+1 T
+1 armour save
5+ ward save
ability to heal wounds, very easily
scythed wheels
+1 attack

on the downside it doesn't get:
S6 attacks from the crew

... seems pretty excessive to me. Oh, almost forgot: it also gets a cannon.

I kinda like what they've done with most of the book. I like the locus system and think heralds now make a lot more sense, but I simply hate the skullcannon (it even pisses all over the ogre ironblaster, being 35pts cheaper, with better EVERYTHING except for T and cannon bounce) and can't for the life of me be willing to accept anything as random and potentially game changing as the Reign of Chaos table.

I think the Reign of Chaos table should be like entering a mysterious forest: there are some good results, some bad results but generally nothing that's going to utterly change the way the game plays out. But the daemon table would be like having forests that could instagib a unit that entered them, or make them almost unkillable. Ridiculous.

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