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Default Necromunda terrain and miniature plog

Hello fellow travellers. I am a returning necromunda player after a 15 year hiatus and enjoy all aspects of the hobby. I've managed to get all of the gangs except the enforcers before they all ran out, but the house of Cawdor and the redemption are where my heart belongs. I'm interested in scenery making and have been trying a few different styles of terrain out for my campaign. My main blog is on yakromunda and since I do all of my posting from my phone it's a bit of a faff re-posting everything so please follow that URL link to my thread on that mighty site. Ill keep this thread up to date with developments from now on also, and if anyone is at all interested about anything I've done please don't hesitate to ask me and if I can assist I will gladly do so. I've only been doing this again for about 9 months so my stuff isn't exactly earth shattering but it sets up a good game for relatively little expense. I mainly use foamcore for my main building material. I'm also doing some mold making and casting so if anyone is interested ill gladly pass on any advice I can. Though some of what I'm casting might not strictly be in the realms of legality, I'm loath to convert my now OOP models so having an endless supply of guys to chop up for personal use just seems the way to go for me. Gone are the glorious days of mail order, where a 10 year old me could get any amount of minis and destroy them with cack handed attempts at putting las-cannons and double power fists on juves or whatever, so my conscience is clear. RIGHT?
But I also make some terrain out of styrene and cast it. I made a decent shipping container but I haven't put a tutorial up of it so I might do that if can pull my head out of my arse. Probably wont though. It's nice and warm up there. So as I say, any questions please forward them to my secretary's secretary and ill get my people to talk to your people and if you love Cawdor ill answer. If you don't, I'll answer anyways cos I'm not a cunt. Well that's not strictly true, but you get the idea.
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