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P97- "unless otherwise stated, a character cannot join a unit of monsters (too much danger of being stood on), a unit of flyers (too many ill-disciplined wings buffeting the sky), a unit of chariots (too much danger of being run over), a unit of swarms (too much chance of being eaten) or a war machine (too much danger of being obliterated).

It then goes onto say that characters on monsters or chariots can never join units but doesn't say anything about flying characters or flying mounts, so they are allowed to join units but without a special rule to override the quoted rule above cannot join flying units.

This actually really annoys me because I have a themed skink army with many terradons and a character on terradon... who cannot join them (only Tic Tac Toe can and he's over 300pts and not worth more then 150). I would also run a WE noble on eagle if I could shove him in a unit of warhawks (which sounds like the perfect unit for how WE like to fight) but is sadly impossible.

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