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The problem is that the Supplement books, as currently rumoured, are just big fluff and scenario books with no special rules to expand or alter the codex. This has come up in the Eldar thread as you not needing Iyanden's book to play the army, but I guess we'll know for sure on the first when the books release (the 1st and the 15th respectively).

That aside, predicting Marines to be less Ultramarine focuses and more generically focused feels like an obvious prediction since everyone wants the next one to have a broader focus on all the Codex Astartes Chapters.

Last I'd heard is that Massacre (the next HH book) is going to be released at Games Day UK, then on the FW site some point after that.

There hasn't been any word on a new titan that I've seen yet, but there wasn't pictures of anything at the FW open so I'm sceptical on that one as FW is more willing to show off their works in progress than GW is.

And predicting a new Contemptor at the moment is like predicting Ultramarines to be blue. From the looks of things every First Founding chapter is getting their own variant of some kind so predicting that is like predicting that water will be wet.

Now this isn't to say that their rumours can't be right, but I'm a bit sceptical is all.
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