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Default Is this list really overpowered?

So I was at a tournament that I completely swept, and although I made one or two rules mistakes the margin of victory was so large that these really didn't contribute (I once fired my doom scythe after evading due to some confusion with the errata and the rule book). Generally all my opponents where generally ok with how badly my list beat them, but one fellow gamer who I have known for a long time became really bitter and constantly accused my lsit of being over powered. (Despite him generally making huge tactical mistakes (Like holding 50% of his force in reserve against a army that fires at full effect at 24"). So my question is due you feel this list is over powered?

ImmortalX10 tesla
ImmortaX10 Tesla
ImmortalX10 Gauss +Night scythe

Annihilation barge
Annihilation barge
Doom scythe

Stalker+Heavy Guass

Overlord MSS, Scythe, Res orb, Septeminal weave,
Overlord MSS, Scythe, Res orb, Septeminal weave.
Lord Res orb, MSS, Scythe
Lord Res orb, MSS, Scythe
Cyptek eldric lanceX3
Cryptek Voltaic staff, lightning fieldX2

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