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Originally Posted by Dave T Hobbit View Post
It will be really obvious when you tell me, however: what are the wiggly bits in the lower left corner?
Originally Posted by LazyG View Post
Stairs frames? They go with the thinner floor sections I guess.
Lazy hit's the nail on the head, they are the braces for the stairs. The stair frames are the part I'm most torn about. On their own they look strange and boring, but I'm hoping that once the stairs are mounted they will look fine. I want the kit to be as easy to assemble as possible (and disassemble, and reassemble and I think you get the picture) so I don't want lots of little fiddly bits.

I fiddled around and managed to add another straight section, which means the frame now has 80cm (or 31.5 inches) of walkway, which is pretty cool.

I've also been working on a connector sprue to do corner sections and "crossroads". I've decided to separate these out from the walkway itself so that the walkway sprue can have as much as possible on it.

Obviously envisioning how they would go together would be easier with a 3d rendering, but I haven't worked out quite how to do that yet, so I'll have to wait to use the actual prototypes

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