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Originally Posted by MadCowCrazy View Post
I would have guess Necrons because to me Ancient sounds like a long forgotten enemy, or any enemy fought a very long time ago. Afaik the "war" against Slaanesh has never ended as the Eldar save their spirits in stones or such to protect themselves from Slaanesh.
I agree. The Eldar helped fight against the C'tan and Necrons very early on in the universe. The Fall of the Eldar and the battle against Slaanesh is relatively new in comparison. Of course this is just our interpretation of the term "Ancient" Foe.

One source mentioned it was unlikely to be Necrons because it was Necrons vs Eldar in the battle-report. My thought, on the other hand, is that this would give more credibility to the Necrons as the Ancient Foe and the battle report was a show-case for this rivalry.

2/3 Wraithknight poses officially SUCK

and will old Wraithguard need to be modeled on large bases now?

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