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Default Angel Exterminatus by Graham McNeil.

I am a big fan of McNeil, i actually enjoyed the Ultramarines novels...even though i don't really like the poster boys as whole, i loved his portrayal of the Iron Warriors in Storm of Iron and the emergence of Honsou as a bad ass.

I had sympathy with Vannes and grew to understand the sons of Perturabo a little better then before, so i spent my money and got the hardback cover waiting to read a good book....how wrong and disapointed i was.

I enjoyed Fulgrim, mainly because it showed the descent of a Legion from nobility into perversion and that was well done, so much so that Fulgrim rates as one of my favourite HH books.

However reading this i got the yawns through it. The parts with the Iron Warriors i liked, especially when Perturabo put Fulgrim in his place on several occassions but, all in all, ploughing through the book was like trying to walk through toffee...tedious and unnessercary.

Not enough was done with any of them really to make me warm to the characters within, although Lucius was up to his usual games, i even got fed up with reading about his showmanship, seemed to me to be repetitive.

It only picked up pace for me when Perturabo and Fulgrim confronted each other and the fate of Fulgrim was revealed, that for me was the best part of the book. That and the origins of the Warsmith, after that great piece of scene writing between the two brothers...the ending was anti-climatic to say the least.

And now i know where Honsou came from...he could have done so much more with the Warriors and the Children, and he could have done a hell of a lot more with the Iron Hands and the Raven Guard...we know that the Iron Hands and any Raven Guard/Salamander is going to be out for blood, i mean these two Primarchs were instramentle in the near fall of thier own Legions and Fulgrim murdered The Iron Hands father.

So when the Iron Hands came into it, it seemed to me to be half hearted, not the anger of bereaved sons that you would expect, i mean when Horus was laid low by that knife and at deaths door...you could feel the grief and concern coming through the pages, but not this time.

I know that with Fulgrims ascension there was no real way they could have avenged thier father in the way they would have liked but it was written almost as an after thought. Like he had forgotten he had them in there then decided to put them in.

I very rarely put down a McNeil book...but Angel Eterminatus for me was like pulling teeth. There were some good bits, I liked the insight into Perturabo and the fact that Fulgrim eventually realised Peturabo was nobodies patsy. I enjoyed the insight into the Triarch.

I liked the scenes between Fulgrim and Perturabo but, the rest of it i really did not care for and i just laughed at Eidolin and Bile...Bile did not install any sense of dread into me...more like oh yeah mad scientist, yah yah yah.

I can normally read a HH book in a day or two...this one took me a month because i really could not get into it.

All in all one of the worst books i have read in the HH series.....
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