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Originally Posted by Chaosftw View Post
oh man that is brutal... I can see one, maybe 2.... but 3 ... good god I would have flipped lol!
Dice hate me...

Had an epic loss in my first game against Dark Eldar. Not sure I could have won the game, but I should have not been tabled...when I failed 4 out of 8 2+ saves with my main Harlequin it was the last straw.

Just played a game against a chaos player sunday and lost my bike squad and my libby over the course of 2 shooting phases by failing 6/8 armor saves and then dropped another 4/6 to finish off the squad. Not to mention losing one of my razorbacks in one round of shooting by not making a single one out of the 4, 4+ cover save attempts (night fighting and enemy shooting through cover).

I usually manage to win games in spite of my dice, not because of them.

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