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Originally Posted by normtheunsavoury View Post
As already stated I meant cult troops as Tsons, Plague Marines, Noise Marines and Berserkers. I dislike the oblits intensely, its such a lazy sculpt and looks massively out of place in my opinion. As for the cultists, they are a joke, they're nice sculpts there's just not enough of them, to field them in any sort of numbers you just end up with the same model over and over again, which I hate.

But that's enough of my chaos grumbles, back to the Eldar and their let down release.
My only issue beyond the lack of's is that you can still get Tsons and Noise Marines if you're interested in buying enough upgrade packs... and loading up on useless extra sorcerers. If they at least made him a seperate item from the upgrade I would have understood, no logical reason to have 4 of them to just get helmets. Similar complaint with the cultists, only way to get more than 5 types of scuplts and actual weapons your stuck with getting them out of DV sets... sort of silly to not provide the upgrades somewhere.

Originally Posted by The Son of Horus View Post
After having a chat with the distribution rep from Games Workshop, who had the book in front of him and told me what he could...
Mainly like the sound of this. Most of what I have is more Aspect oriented rather than mechanized so yay for benefiting me I guess.

With Jetbikes/Jetbike upgrades and a plastic Farseer I'm curious if that will make a Jetbike Counsel easier to buy/build.

Even with the Shuriken upgrades I see using Guardians (good) though if the range is the same and Blade Storm is still fun I still see loving Avengers.

Overall this isn't sounding to bad to me. As long as the stupid that happened with 6th Ed to the army is undone I'll be happy.
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