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Originally Posted by normtheunsavoury View Post
This seems to be the theme with new releases at the moment, CSM suffered the same crap with their release. People are crying out for plastic cult troops, a plastic kit for Oblits and resculpts for characters, especially Abaddon the despoiling midget. What we get is downs syndrome oblits and mutilators in failcast, a giant monkey dreadnought thing and the chicken from hell. Its nice to get new stuff but GW really need to start looking at how dated so much of their range is, for the producers of "the best toy soldiers in the world" its getting to be beyond a joke.
Didn't you get cultists in the boxed game? If GW didn't release them separately, that's their own stupidity, but it's not like they aren't available. Are people really unhappy with the obliterators? I think they're nice sculpts.

Originally Posted by Zion View Post
I have a theory on what they're doing, and I'd love to be told it's right or wrong by someone in the know but here it is:

GW is pushing small updates to bring all the 40k armies in line prior to Fantasy coming out in 2015. This is an attempt to balance the game out by putting the releases closer together, but it cuts into the budgets of each army production wise limiting the number of things they can update at one time. Once that is done 40k will then switch to a supplement/wave release pattern while the spotlight is focused on Fantasy instead.

That's my theory anyways. If anyone knows different or more I'm sure we'd all like to know!
I'm worried about fantasy. None of the recent releases have shown even a smidgen of excitement, sculpt wise at least. Despite having a sizable high elf army (and rarely being able to resist nice new models) the HE release might has well not even happened for me. The wood elf range (along with the dark eldar plastics) are the best things GW has produced, and are the peak. It's been really rather disappointing since in my opinion.

Originally Posted by Sethis View Post
That may be what they're doing, but I don't see how it supports the argument for releasing new kits instead of bringing old ones up to date - e.g. Riptide vs revamped Crisis/Fire Warrior kits, Maulerfiend vs Cult Troops and Wraithknight vs every single Eldar special character?

Quite frankly I'd love for our codex to have not a single new unit, but simply to adjust points costs, update rules, shuffle the FoC slightly (through HQ unlocks and Walkers into FA) and resculpt every model over 10 years old.
Again, I'd contend that the crisis suits still look pretty solid, much like the fire warriors and tanks. The only thing they lack is dynamic posability. They were core to the design aesthetic of the Tau, and that is still adhered to with the excellent new models from the recent release.

Originally Posted by Barnster View Post
I agree with you re the knight- it was created to tick the every army big monster tick box that is next to the flyer tick box, that said I still think its pretty cool.

For the jet bikes I think the main problem is the torsos of the riders, If they are swapped out for guardian ones they look much better. Shame this is a really tough conversion

Also agree on the Phoenix lords (I'd throw in Eldrad into this if he's still in the book, as he's technically dead), they look pretty awful, and very flat. Jain Zar is probably the worse and Karandras is the best but still
The tick box of 'big model, flier' for each army is incredibly dull. As is the 'slightly different tweaked kit option' like the mawlock/trygon, screaming bell/plague censer thing. It's just lazy in my opinion and ends up homogenising armies, when what should really be celebrated and focused upon is the extraordinary diversity or ranges GW produce (excluding power armour, which is obviously dull as hell and incredibly similar, except for the sisters). The 2 in one kits just don't look different enough for me to take them seriously. It's a weird mental thing for me.

I don't understand why they haven't redone the jetbikes. They clearly put a lot of work and thought into how to put the Dark Eldar ones together/onto the sprues. With all that learned, you'd have thought it wold be relatively simple to apply that to the Eldar ones with a slightly different design aesthetic.

I don't think any of the Phoenix Lord models are really particularly passable now. They, and inexplicably the recent Autarchs, are very cardboard cut out 2d.

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