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Conversely, I've been holding off on buying Jetbikes for all of 5th edition simply because the models are so completely awful. If I was to have a single big wish for this release, then Jetbikes to equal the Dark Eldar would have been it, followed by a complete redo of every Phoenix Lord.

I'm not saying that mine is the only opinion that matters. However I've been playing since 2nd Edition with Eldar and never once thought "Hey, there's a hole in my army that I'm really struggling to fill. We need a new unit that can do XYZ". If there are no holes to fill, why create a new unit? Taken as read that every 6th book needs two fliers, we certainly don't need a giant MC or meleeguard - we already have Wraithlords and Wraithguard/melee units that can do the same jobs with some simple point value and rules changes. Unlike the Tau who were really hurting for an "anvil" unit such as the Riptide.

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