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Originally Posted by normtheunsavoury View Post
This seems to be the theme with new releases at the moment, CSM suffered the same crap with their release. People are crying out for plastic cult troops, a plastic kit for Oblits and resculpts for characters, especially Abaddon the despoiling midget. What we get is downs syndrome oblits and mutilators in failcast, a giant monkey dreadnought thing and the chicken from hell. Its nice to get new stuff but GW really need to start looking at how dated so much of their range is, for the producers of "the best toy soldiers in the world" its getting to be beyond a joke.
I have a theory on what they're doing, and I'd love to be told it's right or wrong by someone in the know but here it is:

GW is pushing small updates to bring all the 40k armies in line prior to Fantasy coming out in 2015. This is an attempt to balance the game out by putting the releases closer together, but it cuts into the budgets of each army production wise limiting the number of things they can update at one time. Once that is done 40k will then switch to a supplement/wave release pattern while the spotlight is focused on Fantasy instead.

That's my theory anyways. If anyone knows different or more I'm sure we'd all like to know!

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