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The wraithguard models still hold up fairly well though, though I doubt anyone's complaining about making them plastic!

I understand why GW is pushing these large models, but for the love of squid, if they were going to do one for the Eldar, why the FUCK wasn't it the Avatar? It's always been too small, and needs a resculpt desperately. Always a centrepiece model and focal point in an Eldar army, so why not make it that way?

I just don't understand some of the design decisions being made here, at a basic level. Anyone can pick the holes in the eldar range:

The Grav tanks and vipers still hold up very well.
The wraithlord is an excellent model, and in many ways, I think the wraithguard still look pretty solid.
I don't like the war walkers much, but I can see why they'd keep the kits (tbh, I'd have removed them from the army completely before the new kits came out a few years ago, but whatever).
The guardians are ok.
The warlocks/farseers are ok.
The rangers are some of the nicest models GW has ever managed to produce.

Which takes us to the bad:

The jetbikes still date from second ed. They were shit when the first lot of Dark Eldar came out and showed a much nicer jetbike model. The newer DE reavers just blow this shit out of the water.

The weapon platforms still aren't very good. (And also probably should have been phased out. Like the war walkers, they just don't fit the mobile aesthetic).

Harlequins still look like shit, but they always will, since their motley aesthetic will never fit in with the look of the rest of the army. Personally that bothers me and I would never buy them, but I'm sure others aren't worried.

On to the aspect warriors:

The only ones that are passable are the Dark Reapers and Howling Banshees. The rest look really dated. The phoenix lords all date from 2nd ed and look like it. The plastic Dire Avengers aren't my cup of tea, but I doubt GW would be likely to change them any time soon.

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