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You know what pisses me off most about the trailer? Eldar aren't "Sons of Khaine" they're the children of Isha and Kurnous, taken from her by Asuryan to save them from the wrath of Khaine. At least get your own fucking fluff right!!

Not too happy with the release so far. Could indeed be "everything we never asked for" in the words of a previous post although it's too soon to tell for sure. We get an unasked-for Telion/Alith Anar copycat, a Supa-Walker we don't need or want, one of our troop choices almost doubles in monetary cost, and a pair of flyers that could be good (Heldrake precedent), playable (Tau) or god-awful (Dark Angels). The only seriously good news is plastic Wraithguard - it's a step forward, even if their rules suck.

90% of people think they are above average.

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