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Default The art of, ASSUMPTION

Have you ever assumed something and made a complete donkey of yourself?

read a rule wrong and lost a game because of it?

are you constantly reminded of a mistake you made because you assumed it would be ok to do?

Well here where you can write it down and share it with heresy, even on behalf of your friends and family!

Ill start:

The other week my friends car broke down, (hes a tau player he should know about tech) all due to no water in the cooling system. over heated, lost power and died. still doesn't start up, even though everything is working.

when he checked his water level, and it was below normal. he assumed that if he drove it the destination an hour away, it would last him till he got to his destination, needless to say he got to 20mins away, from here, where we were going to have a battle. lucky im somewhat mechaniclly minded (other hobby is 4 wheel driving) and sorted out a mates salvage trailer and went and picked him up.

So, in conclusion, my mate is now left without a car, having to fork out on a new one, with the money he was going to spend on new tau, which he still has not had a chance to play with his old ones........ all because he assumed he could make it with bugger all water in the car. (which is allways a bad idea)

Hopefully that wasnt too boring, but you get the jest.

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