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Originally Posted by Barnster View Post
The rumours I've heard suggest that the new walker is 70 so lets hope its even bigger!
I am really torn on that price tag, on one hand it breaks the 50 mark which psycologically drives people away from it, on the other hand it brings it in line with the baneblade in price so is plausible.

To justify the 70 the kit needs to be pretty damned big, the size comparison with the tau walker suggests it is big, but not +20 big.

If it is 70 then it is likely on the higher end of the guesses/comparisons, it is not going to be bought by everyone, and will therefore have quite a bit of wow factor in an army - not every one is going to have one.

If it is 50 it is likely going to be comparable to the tau one (a couple of inches taller), more comonplace in armies, and fielded in triplicate in my apocalypse army.
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