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Originally Posted by Putrifectus View Post
I just realized that most people would be kind of nervous at my place. Not as bad as what you described, but a couple of whips, a few pairs of handcuffs, ropes and chains, and stuff like that..
And a necromantic altar to the lord of death, covered in bones, and a big trident and a schyte behind it.
I don't think I should ever invite strangers for a game here.
Seems to me like your just setting the right ambiance for a game of WH40K, especially if the armies fielded are either CSM/Daemons or Dark eldar

But seriously I think I would feel a whole lot more comfortable playing a game at your place than I would be when playing at a hause that looks all normal. Or is that just me being my own Satanic sadistic self again?

Just wanted to say that^^.
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