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Default Heresy Online Black Library Book Review Team RECRUITMENT

In the near future we're going to add a team of 4 active members to the staff. These guys will form a new "Black Library Book Review Squad".

Eventually, this team will read and conduct book reviews every month on new Black Library Titles (which we will pay for and have shipped to you). All you need to do is read through them and write a fucking AWESOME book review.

In order to be considered for the position I'll need examples of your book reviews. Each person that want to join us should post a Black Library book review here in this thread. Any genre, any book, any author.

Just as long as its concise and fairly good.

Once we've got the entrants I'll write them all down, pull out my favourite wankopaedia and FAP. Whichever it lands on joins the team!!!

Actually, we'll just decide as a team and pick who we like best then BINGO - you get to be a book reviewer for us, get free books and hell, I'll even let you choose what color you want your usernames to be!!!

So in brief.

We need 4 Black Library Book Reviewers
You get free BL books
You review them
You post reviews on Heresy
You become a reviewer by posting a review here (that we pick)

If you don't want to join the staff, or write book reviews, or receive free BL books in the post click back and sod off.

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