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The Marines:

To get to 1000pts I needed to paint 2 tac squad, their Razorbacks, a Librarian, and a Bike Squad. (I had also planned on getting 2 Speeders done, but it was not to be...so I had to pad my list by upping the Libby and using my old Techmarine...which was the only original painted model I used).

First up I really wanted to do a custom librarian, so I found a tutorial to make a quad runner and took a hacksaw to my metal librarian. Which led to one of the favorite models in my collection.

I finished him with plenty of time to spare, and then procrastinated badly. Finding myself three days out from the tourney I had a crapload of figures to paint. Several frantic days of painting turned this:

Into this army:

Since the event I started to paint my Speeders, but this as far as I have gotten...need to finish this puppy up:

I recently finished up a min sized Devastator Squad:

and spent some time touching up my Command Squad, so they fit with my overall army aesthetic:

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First Eastern Mirage Corps (C:SM)
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