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Charting my work, there are a handful of individual harlequins that I don't have individual pictures of that I needed to round out my force. After playing for a while, I decided I needed to add another basic troop to my army (I started with just the bikes and a storm guardian blob). For this unit I wanted to put together some Rangers, so out came my bits box, my greenstuff, and a handful of metal harlies:

The results is what I call my Power Rangers:

I still want to put another 5 together so I can field a full squad, but that is a project for another time.

Now I wanted to add some units that I did not own, so I hit up eBay and bought 3 Vypers and a Wraithlord. I wanted to customize these units to really show off the Harlequin aesthetic. To do this I picked up some Resin and some items for making basic molds. I used one of my bikes to create a Harlequin face mold and then added it to the Vyper canopy. The result is a Harlie Vyper, a little greenstuff on the gunner to give him a smiling mask and here is the result:

About this time we hit the end of the year and I played the Servants throughout January and February. At the start of the new year the local GW hosted a "New Years Resolution " event that culminated in a 1000pt tourney at the end. So I decided to pick up my languishing Space Marine chapter that I had assembled, but had only painted the command squad and some tac marines. Which leads to the next chapter in my painting.

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