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Default Estalia (and Vampires)?

So, I'm building a Vampire Counts army now, and I'm theming things around Estalia. Estalia seem almost entirely forgotten in fluff, but I know things do exist.

The army is led by the Condessa Izadora Ochandez de la Capella. In life, Condessa of Diamonterra, a city on the northwest coast of Estalia.

My plan is to run skeleton-heavy using swords rather than spears, and converted to be wearing morions.

I like Etherials too, especially Hexwraiths, so any spanish-themed ideas for them would be fantastic! What would distinguish an Estalian Banshee or Spirit Host?

What I'm looking for here though is largely suggestions and knowledge of obscure Estalian fluff, other conversion projects I might attempt and so-on.

Oh, and if anyone speaks Spanish, what (shortish) phrases could be written on banners? Something suitably vampiric and Estalian.

Really, Estalian Vampire free for all thread, too.

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