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Default Hanging Tree

Good day folks of Heresy, been a long time!

My mate Tommie came to me one evening and said he would like to build a present of a hanging tree for our mutual friend Pete's birthday, but would like my hand with materials, construction and painting as he got rid of his modelling/painting equipment (Absolute heresy! Ba-dum tiss...) so we set off into the woods and reaped the plentiful bounties of twigs, branches, bark, stones and other odds n sods.

Firstly I drew the following very rough sketch based on what I thought Tommie wanted to achieve based on a certain piece of branch we found

Tommie verified it was much like he envisioned so chopped up some card for a base and popped to BnQ for some trusty squeezy-tube wood filler and away we went! I will apologize now for all the poor quality photos, especially of the finished pieces, but I couldn't get light to work for me (and to think I once won a trophy for photography...*shakes head*)

I made some feathers out of Green Stuff and the zombie's ankles had to be cut so his toes were pointing but the rest was merely woodsy stuff!

Once complete, I took a Flash Bathroom spray bottle and filled it with watered down PVA and sprayed it with that, then Chaos Black spray paint and got ready with the Snakebite Leather...

Tee hee! I overbrushed or painted at this stage depending on what part of the model I was painting. The dark bark was painted with Indian ink mixed with Bestial Brown, some Red Gore and some Scorched Brown

Once dry, I then build up billions of drybrushing layers on the bark and tree, gradually mixing more Bestial Brown into the above mix, moving on to Snakebite Leather and then Bleached Bone as the layers got lighter on the bark. For the tree parts without bark and the stones I started the drybrushing layers on about the point when the 'dark bark' mix had its first sniff of Bleached Bone introduced to it, with the stones having more of a painted/overbrushd technique to the painting.

I then soaked the moss growing on the bark with a mix of Indian ink and Dark Angels Green, adding more Dark Angels green to the mix and painting. I then added Camo Green to the mix in stages for highlights with one final extreme highlight of pure Camo Green. The feathers and gravestones were drybrushed with Space Wolves Grey and then the extreme edges were painted with the same colour mixed with a touch of Skull White. The light was getting bad at this point so I went into the hall to get some pics...bad idea! Oh the contrast!

As I expected this piece to be used for Warhammer or, more likely with Pete, a pirates-themed miniatures game, I painted the zombie to taken as either a pirate or Empire Swordsman, hence the stripy cacks! The stripes were painted Ultramarines Blue on an undercoat of Space Wolves Grey and I highlighted the grey with Skull White and the blue with Enchanted Blue and on the folds with a little Hawk Turquoise to lighten it. The flesh was pure Snakebite Leather as a base with Rotting Flesh mixed in until it was a pure Rotting Flesh highlight. I then underpainted the bruises his necrotic flesh had from the hanging with mixes of Leviathan Purple, Baal Red and Delvan Mud inks. The stains on his cacks were done with old-skool Flesh Wash (blue lid baby...)

The zombie torso also had a base coat of Snakebite Leather but I mixed Camo Green into this and built up with Bleached Bone for the highlights and used Leviathan ink underpainting for old bruising. The inside shot of him is better than the outside but I'll post both

The poor old crumbly skeleton...

The gravesite

And a shot of the whole thing

Hope you enjoyed the journey as much as Tommie and I did!


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