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Default Deathwing Colour scheme

Pretty much self explanatory, as the title suggests. After getting the DV set and painting up the chaos 1/2 I decided I'd bite the bullet so to speak and start a Deathwing/DA army got the codex etc. I have about 1200 pts worth at the moment and whilst browsing the internet heresy for tutorials on "how to paint Deathwing" I stumbled across many variations.

I am unsure however which route to go down as I like the bone colour schemes but then again I also like the off-white ones, that seem to be in the minority. I guess the only really way to see which I like better is to do a test mini which is fine for the bone colour scheme. But I have no idea how I would set about doing a "dirty/off-white"colour scheme so any suggestions/tips would be greatly appreciated. Also if you could recommend any paints for the off-white scheme it would be of much help.

Thanks in advance, SoI

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