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Originally Posted by Loki1416 View Post
From the DV box:
Chaos Lord
I tend to run my lords with whichever mark I want, then give him a Signal of corruption & a Power weapon, usually sword. maybe some other stuffs over time.
6 Chosen
I recommend to use these guys as squad leaders; since CC chosen are not really point efficient.
I like running mine pretty basic, I just swap the the PF for a power scourge and call it a day.
20 Cultists
cheap troops. the CC guys usually need to be 20+ strong and lead by some CSM HQ otherwise they will just break and run.
From the BF box:
10 Marines
pending on if you are going to run these as cult troops or just basic marines, i will leave these guys alone (in general though take 2 special weapons, that are the same, in a CSM squad.
3 Bikers
give two meltas/plasmas.
5 Possessed
unfortunately are not competitive still... are kinda ok to play, but i would not expect too much.
i run mine as a dakka pred, so autocannon turret and HB sponsons, and i add in warpfire (to grant soul blaze) so it can potentially kill more.
And a Heldrake
give it the baleflamer.

Any advice for his army would be greatly appreciated.
thoughts in cyan.

how does he want to play? horde, mech, hybrid, zombies, etc?

Originally Posted by neilbatte
if you squint the Sigmar stuff doesn't all look like the love children from a Necron and Blood Angel orgy.
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