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Default CSM for my son

Need some Heretic help with this as I know nothing about CSM, not sure what I need to make my son's army strong. He really only likes them because of how they look, so it's up to me to help him make a army. I'm not asking for lists or anything like that and I've read all the CSM tutorials. What I'm looking for is personal advice, what works for you/with how you play it. Again, never having played with CSM, I really dont know all that much. The only armies he will be playing against are DA and GK, from 1k up to 2k points.
What I've bought him so far is a mix from the DV box and a BF box.
From the DV box:
Chaos Lord
6 Chosen
20 Cultists
From the BF box:
10 Marines
3 Bikers
5 Possessed
And a Heldrake

Any advice for his army would be greatly appreciated.
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