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Originally Posted by Alsojames View Post
Because you're asking me questions about God like I know all the answers. Where is he? why does he do this or that or the other? I do not know. Nobody knows for certain. I'm only 17 years old, how can you expect me to know these things?
Now I may be a little off the mark here, but I do believe you came on acting like you did have those answers; or at least something along those lines.

After all, you did make a thread that was supposed to be a response to arguements against God.

Originally Posted by Alsojames View Post
I don't care, but I'm getting sick of people telling me I'm not a Christian because I refuse to be a bigot.
Now I may be wrong, so feel free to show me otherwise, but I do believe the only person actually calling you a bigot is yourself. Picking and choosing the best parts of a holy book to follow is rather like picking and choosing the best stuff from several codecies but calling yourself a player of only one.

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