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I'm not hating religions or God or anyone who follows them and it's nothing to do with "does God exist", particular beliefs in God (or not) nor the assistance/courage/etc that belief gives people...This is more about "why do we have evil?"

For me, Stanislaw Lem had a good take on good/evil/God in one of his stories (I can't remember it exactly or which one it was, though, so please bear with me):

There's a scientist who claims that he is God and invites a friend over to see the proof of it.
In this guy's lab, he had a load of boxes on shelves, all encoded with different personalities and life paths (some boxes have similar situations, others are different, some lengths of code are longer than others), then a generator affects different boxes at different times, randomly changing the situations that the boxes are going through.
As each box runs out of code, malfunctions, misfires, gets knocked off it's shelf or otherwise needs replacing, he makes new ones.

His friend asks about what's in the code and the inventor says it contains everything that might ever happen to them, good or bad. As a Creator-God, he had to give them both the good and bad stuff.

His friend questions the morality of creating things which he knows will die and suffer inequality, cruelty, disasters, etc and asks why doesn't he get involved and make things better, or just make personalities where (no matter what happens) they all have really long + fulfilling lives, every happy experience and no bad ones, pain-free deaths, etc(?).

The scientist explains that he is God as a Creator...he has given them freedom (from himself) and given them the potential to have everything that he can imagine and which they might ever learn or need to know. Thus, it's not his fault what happens to them and he doesn't get involved.

This isn't necessarily my opinion, but I always thought that it was a different way of looking at things, that's all.

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