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And so, the Quarter-final results:

CattleBruiser vs Archon Dan

The Necrons have a devastating first turn, inflicting a whole 11 wounds on the Orks, who inflict a respectable six in return. However, after losing so many of their number, the Orks find it difficult to keep killing sufficient Immortals to overcome the effects of Reanimation Protocols, and are eventually outlasted.

Archon Dan moves on.

Filler #2 vs routine

The Crusaders inflict a nasty 11 wounds on the Guardsmen, and kill both of the flamers. The Guard have a poor shooting phase, inflicting a meagre five wounds, mostly due to the failures of the flamers and autocannons to inflict any wounds whatsoever. Both sides continue to trade casualties for the next seven rounds, with it coming down to the three Autocannons facing off against the Missile Launcher and a Bolter. Unfortunately, repeating their consistently poor performance throughout the round, the Autocannons fail to do anything and are gunned down by the merciless Templars.

Filler #2 moves on. Can anyone stop it?

CE5511 vs Boc

Judging by CE5511's previous round, the odds are in his favour. And that does indeed appear to be the case, as he inflicts ten wounds with the Ion Accelerator in the first round. Fortunately for Boc, one of those casualties happens to be the Cryptek, meaning they all still get their Reanimation Protocols/Ever Living. So four manage to get back up, and despite the Riptide missing with the Accelerator, don't inflict any wounds. They are then finished off with another salvo.

CE5511 moves on.

Zodd vs LTKage

A very nasty matchup for both sides - this essentially came down to luck as to who would survive the other's firepower. Predictably, the Fire Dragons turn the Predator to slag instantly. However, would the Pred be able to shred all the Eldar for a re-match? Unfortunately not, as it inflicts a respectable seven wounds, which unfortunately is not enough.

LTKage moves on.

__________________________________________________ _______________

Once again congratulations to all who got through, and commiserations to those who didn't. As I mentioned before, Semi-finals and Finals will be done by this time next week. I'll get a new game thread up not long after that, so those who are knocked out already - fear not! Anyhow, these are the matchups for the Semi-finals:

CE5511 vs Filler #2

LTKage vs Archon Dan

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