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Originally Posted by Alsojames View Post
Basically what you're telling me is "no I'm not telling you to be a bigot", but "you can't just pick and choose what you like to follow from the bible", which implies you're telling me that in order to be a "good" or "proper" Christian, I have to follow the bible to the word, which means I need to start stoning people.

Pretty much, it's your holy book not mine, I didn't write the thing. I think its a heinous book and is one of the very few (along with Twilight) that should be burned.

What I said before was "it does work", which means it works. I never said it worked 100% of the time. Well I'm sure of thats great comfort to the millions of people dead because of it... that you know they were just unlucky that they were ones who got screwed over by your faiths toss of the coin morality system instead of being blessed by it. Ah well them's the breaks you'd almost be forgiven for thinking that it was all made up. Have you checked out the IQ squared debate between Christopher Hitchens/Steven Fry and Ann Widdecombe/John Olorunfemi Onaiyekan on whether the Catholic Church is a force for good in the world. I enjoyed the hell outa it. You may not.

Well why didn't he just poof Moses and the Jews to safety? Or save any of the other people on the run from malevolent forces? Answer that question and you're good.

So now I have to provide you with answers as to why your God does things? I love with religious people do this. "Oh the burden of proof is on you to prove my imaginary friend doesn't exist" but when its the other way round the anti thesiest/agnostic/person of a different faith has to prove their belief 100% not simply put the burden of proof back to the other side. This is why arguing with you lot is like dealing with children. It's not your pathetically simplistic belief that there is a man in the sky who created the world in 7 days no less and the only way he can come up with forgiving his creations for transgressions against the laws he created is by allowing his only son (who is 1/3rd of him but isn't...) to be murdered by those very creations. Its flat out refusal to admit there are flys in the ointment, logic gaps and contradictions and your inability to provide actual solid evidence that proves you are right despite over whelming evidence showing that evolution is real and that humans and monkeys share a common ancestor thus providing our origin, not this Adam and Eve fairy tale. However:

Other than your seminal work of "He doesn't have time to give a crap" you mean? (Which you still haven't actually explained or provided evidence off btw seeing as he is, according to the widely established holy book of the JC faith, all knowing, all powerful and all seeing, still waiting for you to come up with an answer to that one btw) I'll play, take your pick of posible answers:

- he's an evil meglomantic sychopath who enjoys fucking with peoples lives,
- he doesn't exist and never has or
- my personal favorite you have no idea what you are talking about.

Seriously have you even read the Bible, attended Church... talked to somebody who knows about the JC faith? Because from what I've seen you've just heard of it and made your own assumptions. Which is you know... fine but doesn't put you in any postion to be able to speak with any authority on the subject of the wider JC faith. You're own sure but not Anglican/Catholicism/Orthodox as a whole.

And I'm not next in line to the archbishop because I'm not catholic. Fair enough, I should have made that question clearer... with all your theological knowledge and foresight into the mind of God why aren't you next in line to be Arch Bishop of Canterbury. You are Anglican correct?
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